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Logo White@3x Created with Sketch. is a local and online synced music platform for you and your band members to share your ideas and write new songs - remotely and in your rehearsal room.

See latest activities, request reviews, give feedback and complete to-dos. Save important events in your calendar and chat with your band.

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Songwriting with Ease - Remote or in Person

Try several song variations and arrangements

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Quickly find out what sounds best

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Organize your ideas in one place and find them when you need them.

  • Filter your riffs based on tags (tuning, tempo, chorus or solo,...), recording date and instruments
  • Link them to sound patches, transcription and notes or whatever you need
  • We support common formats such as wav, mp3 and MIDI

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Logo White@3x Created with Sketch. goes hand in hand with your favorite digital audio workstation (DAW).

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